Our Mission

Our Mission is to address issues of violence in our community by nurturing young people in the capacity to live their lives in peace, resolve conflict in a non violent and positive manner and share meaningful fellowship within the community.

We promote youth leadership and development with a focus on self-awareness, conflict resolution and meaningful fellowship.

The Baltimore Children’s Peace Center’s beneficiary population includes youth ages 8 to 20, and includes a variety of programs that promote the mission. Our youth come primarily from the Baltimore Washington metropolitan area from a variety of backgrounds.

The All God’s Children Camp is the primary program that is sponsored by the Baltimore Children’s Peace Center.

Baltimore Children’s Peace Center Board

  • Mr. Carey McKenzie, chair
  • Ms. Stacey Brown, vice chair
  • Mr. Paul Towner, treasurer
  • Ms. Beth Sherring
  • Mr. Ken McElroy
  • Ms. Dorris McElroy
  • Ms. Teresa Bruce
  • Ms. Mary Ellen Gervais
  • The Rev. Van Gardner
  • Mr. Enechi Modu